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Thread: Favorite Knife Books

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    Favorite Knife Books

    So I'm always looking for a good read, why not combine it with learning more about knives?
    I looked at: Japanese Kitchen Knives: Essential Techniques and Recipes
    An Edge in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives

    Does anyone here have them? And do people have other favorite knife books?

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    Knife skills by Marcus Wareing.
    Nothing new for a prochef but pleasant read. The chef just gained Michelin at Petrus

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    Chad used to hang around on forums...whatever happened to that guy?!

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    An edge in the kitchen is a great book by a great author.

    Last I heard from him Chad was just busy. Maybe I ought to bug him again and say hello.
    - Sean

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    Both are great books and I read them often, Chad's book is just fun to read

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