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Thread: How to use a knife and fork properly ?

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    How to use a knife and fork properly ?

    I'm 17 male , and I usually just use a fork. I want to start using a knife and fork because I feel like a kid using just a fork.
    I know how to cut my food an all but my problem is that I'm right handed (hold fork with right hand) and hold knife in left hand. I have to keep swapping over when I need to cut because I can't cut with the knife in my left hand and I can't use the fork in my left hand. How do you do it ? Thanks

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    I swap for cutting (i.e., use the knife in my right hand).
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    As long as you don't stab yourself with your fork, either method is acceptable.
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    Get one of these babies, no need to switch:

    Plus it furthers the mission of KKF: making you want to buy more knives Welcome to the forums.

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