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Thread: Loose Leaf Tea

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    Quote Originally Posted by jheis View Post
    Maybe I'm in a rut, but I've been drinking Twinnings Earl Grey for about 30 years (girlfriend got me hooked).

    Mom got me hooked on Red Rose® orange pekoe cut black tea when I was just a wee tot, still drink it to this day. Nothing wrong with "staying in the box," lol.

    And yes, I have a lot of those stupid figurines.

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    My favorite one is this:
    So far everything I've tried has been pretty good, their coffee is excellent though.

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    This is what I use at the Resto. Local company, fair trade, many organics and big variety.

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    Wow, that tea company looks amazing! Lucky you to have them nearby.

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    Salty, that's what i'm drinking nowl Green tea w/orange.

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    Teabags???? No way.

    I really am related to Tony Clifton.

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    I buy my tea from,, and
    They are all companies that source their own teas directly from China.

    A nice tea for coffee drinkers are the small puerh tuochas. They look like this,

    Since puerh tends to not get astringent with long steepings you can put one in a travel mug, for instance, and sip on it throughout the day. When it's done, just add more water through several steepings.

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    Though coffee is my first love, I'm also into Chinese greens and oolongs, especially ginsing oolong. Puerh is also great after a meal though by itself it leaves my stomach feeling strangely unfulfilled. I had gyokuro for the first time a few weeks ago and it was darn good; I don't care for other Japanese green teas however.

    There's a shop in SF's Chinatown called "Vital Tea Leaf" that I get most of my tea from, though their web host is sketchy and I won't purchase from their website because of this. They have a tea bar where you can drink and schmooze with the staff while you sample tea you're considering. I took my girlfriend there and she got totally hooked on oolongs, so I can always poach some of her stash when I want some variety.

    I'd suggest getting a gaiwan and a quality hot water pot with adjustable temperature to start. Try a bunch of teas and see what you like, then do it again a year later to see how your tastes have changed. A good cup of tea can modify your attitude like no other beverage.

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    Having spent my formative years in two major tea-drinking cultures, I drink tea at least once, usually two or three times a day. I'm fond of stronger, maltier teas -- usually some kind of Assam, or Assam-based blend.

    My preferred mail order site in the US is Upton Teas. They're great for tea novices because you can buy 1 oz sample packs of any of their many, many teas. Black teas seem to be their specialty, but they've got a very respectable green and white tea section.

    For sheer quality, nothing I've tried from them beats the offerings at HR Higgins im London, but I've run out of my smuggled tea hoard and shipping from the UK is rather expensive. Upton's CTC Assam in particular is superb value.

    More recently, I've also been drinking less obvious Japanese teas like soba-cha, hoji-cha and roasted barley tea. The latter cold-brewed and served ice cold makes for an excellent summer beverage. I buy these at my local Japanese supermarket.

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    I like matcha green tea for my caffeine rush, powdered not leaves though. Makes a great green tea rissotto, with salmon tataki

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