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Thread: Advice Stainless Yanagi

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    Advice Stainless Yanagi

    Has anyone here actually put a stainless (or semi-stainless, maybe) yanagi to the test in a pro kitchen? If so, I'd like to know how these perform. Thanks!

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    I have a ginsanko Korin branded one. It is actually a pretty good knife. Its tough and sharpens up well. If one was looking for a stainless yanagi, I would recommend it. I have an Usuba from that line as well and I love it.

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    I'm pretty sure this came up once before, at FF. if I remember correctly, KC mentioned ginsanko, and said it would be the only stainless he'd ever use for a yanagi...or something along those lines.

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    I believe Marko might take requests for these once he is up and running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    I believe Marko might take requests for these once he is up and running.
    I am exploring several steels with Devin that would be suitable for commercial kitchen, in san mai and monosteel construction.

    For myself, personally, I will make one in 52100. I find it much more rust resistant than Japanese steels (particularly the soft cladding on Japanese knvies), and I find sharpness on 52100 is comparable to Japanese steels.
    Perhaps, there will be an option to use 52100 as core steel with stainless clad at some point too.

    Making a full length single-bevel knife like yanagi will be interesting, from heat-treating to grinding and finishing.


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    i have often played with the thouhgt of a cpm SS single bevel but the warping woudl be tricky to deal with and as you ground the blade it woudl move even more on you

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