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Thread: Help me choose/critique my first "custom" knife set!

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    ++ Kikuichi Performance (TKC), Tojiro Breadknife, King #1000/6000 combo stone.

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    I'm a bit of a minimalist, I guess.
    I'd go 210-240 konosuke gyuto (whatever makes you feel good), 120-150 petty (stainless...something like a Fujiwara fkm), and a 1k king stone, and a Rika 5k.
    After experimenting a fair bit, I'm using only two stones and stropping on newsprint. I dropped any type of "compounds" for newspaper. It's cheaper, easier and I'm getting edges that are sharper than I'll ever need. I feel we get too hung up on buying success.
    Develop your skills, experiment and know that what you get this time around will not be all you end up with. Don't worry about making the perfect set, because over time your perception of perfection will change.
    Another thing...I prefer 12"x18" boards because they are easy to clean and as a result, you won't hesitate to use it.
    I think if you were to buy my suggested "set", you'd only be out maybe $400 max.

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    I just have a few things to add.

    I would purchase knife guards or sayas for whatever you buy instead of a knife block if you don't have adequate counter space (I don't) or if you ever intend to put your knives in a drawer. The LamsonSharp ones are the best, but not cheap.

    I would purchase a higher grit stone - something around a 2000. I began with lower grit stones, a King 400 (bad idea) and a King 1000 (still a bad idea) and they both took away too much steel. I screwed up a few knives because of those stones and my bad technique.

    As for knives, you've gotten a lot of recommendatoins here. But you should consider what kind of knives you want - japanese handle vs. western, thin vs. thicker, flexible vs. stiff, what kind of cutting you will be doing (lots of veggies vs. meat/chicken/fish fabrication vs. something durable enough to cut through cartilage. For example, it's my understanding that the Kikuichi Performance/Ichimonji TKC/CarboNext are stiff knives; the Konosuke has flex. The edge of a certain knife may be less prone to chips than others.

    That being said, I absolutely agree with getting a decent cutting board. I have a Boos board that I've had for at least 10 years. It's gotten just a little warped, but still works fantastically, and was less than $60.

    Other than that, I agree with the recommendations of a 210/240 Gyuto, and a petty or parer. A good bread knife is invaluable (the Tojiro is a really good bread knife) if you cut a lot of bread item. Personally, I would invest in a cheap stainless Chinese cleaver for hacking chicken, breaking down fish, and some kind of slicer.
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