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Thread: Yanagiba vs Sujihiki

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    Yanagiba vs Sujihiki

    Hey all,
    I need a knife to slice cured meats. Mostly concerned with jamon, salami (thick ones), capicollo, bresaola, etc. They all need to be sliced super thin, and although I could buy a deli slicer I don't have the space to put one in my apartment. It would also be handy to be able to do other work like carving big hunks of meat but THIN cured meat is my main concern.

    I suspect this means I'll need a very small bevel, probably single bevel and it needs to be crazy sharp.

    I don't mind the type of steel.

    I'm in Australia, and I don't have a budget. I'm willing to pay for quality although I don't really care about fancy damascus patterns.

    Currently looking at this:
    FB-4 Sakimaru Takohiki 270mm

    Open to suggestions as to whether I need to go yanagiba or sujihiki. As I understand, yanagiba will probably give me a thinner, finer cut whereas suji will be more versatile.

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    IF I remember correctly, the blade height of a sakimaru is narrower as compared to a regular yanagi and those with a kiretsuke tip and hence the weight adn thus feel and how it cuts on firmer /hard food materials.

    JUst food for thought...

    I am more inclined to a heavier knife with a good balance point.

    Good luck and hv fun...

    rgds d

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    I don't think yanagi or suji is the answer for slicing hard meats like salami. Maybe a gyuto is more suitable. Something taller and heavier that you can slowly push cut with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I don't think yanagi or suji is the answer for slicing hard meats like salami. Maybe a gyuto is more suitable. Something taller and heavier that you can slowly push cut with.
    Yep, gyuto sounds like a much better choice for salami slicing.

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    Currently have a couple of high end gyuto and while I agree that it's good for smaller salami, it's not great for larger pieces like coppa and jamon/prosiutto. Really need a longer, thinner blade that's crazy sharp. The Spanish use a jamon knife which is a long thin blade but I prefer something Japanese.

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    I actually found it easier to slice salami, or in my case serrano ham, with a yanagiba than with a gyuto.
    The single bevel aided greatly in cutting consistently thin slices.
    The 50/50 bevel on a suji or gyuto was causing my slicing to get 'pushed' out of the ham, it was fairly hard.
    This may be more to do with my non existent / mediocre knife skills rather than the knifes

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    Honestly, I would get a knife that is made for it. As you said, in Spain a special knife (cuchillo Jamonero) is used. Since Jamon is something typical to Spain and not Japan I would think they know better. Arcos seems to be a popular spanish knife maker:

    Never the less the choice is yours.

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    Hobart Slicer

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithsaltydog View Post
    Hobart Slicer
    Haha +1

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    yup, use the damn slicer machine. it sucks cleaning it, but that's the best cuts youre going to get for deli meats.

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