As of tomorrow, June 12, 2014, prices are going up for my ready-made knives in composite geometries.

I am only going to increase prices on my work with composite geometries: S-Grind, and Asymmetric grind, while the convex grind pricing will stay unchanged. Composite grinds take considerably more time to produce, I haven't increased prices since May 2012, my overhead cost doubled, my custom order list is closed for at least a year, so I have to factor all these things in, while at the same time trying to keep my knives affordable.

The new prices are the following:

Simple Convex - $1.75/mm
Asymmetric - $2/mm
S-grind - $2.25/mm

My goal from the beginning was to make performance knives. I have studied and tried to address every aspect that comprises a performance knife, so my production time is interlaced with R&D time, and that in some way limits my output. I also do through extensive field testing before finalizing a production version, so that slows down things as well. I hope that the price increase is understandable.

Here is what you get for the money:
- Steels that are best suited for high-performance kitchen knives.
- In-house heat treatment tweaked for best performance (edge stability, wear resistance, sharpness, sharpenability)
- Composite grinds, field tested and tweaked for best performance
- Custom handles (D, octagonal, Western) -ergonomically designed and field tested for best performance
- All blades are hand-finished for a smooth satin look
- Custom fitted wood or leather sayas are an option
- 7 days return and life-time warranty against defects (under normal use)

Thank you for your continuing support.