Hello hello!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Master Kenjiro Doi's knives are almost gone. Once these are gone, his son Itsuo Doi will be taking over the Hayate line. If you are interested in a knife by Master Doi, I highly recommend placing an order before this weekend. Many of the Hayate knives are being held for customers, and will most likely be completely sold out by Monday.

Just so you guys know too. We are marking 15% off custom orders as long as they are placed before the end of Monday (the 16th).

When inquiring about custom orders please send me the following information:
- Knife Style (shape)
- Knife size
- Forger (Master Itsuo Doi or Yoshikazu Ikeda)
- Steel material
- Handle material (Choose from any of the handles listed below)

1. Ebony handle with white bolsters on both sides

2. Ebony handle

3. Yew handle with black bolsters on both sides

4. Yew handle with black bolster

5. Yew octagonal handle with black bolster

6. Magnolia octagonal handle

7. Magnolia handle

Thank you for reading!