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Thread: About Se Ecglast "The Sword's Edge"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHH Knives View Post
    Taylor. Sorry Im late to the party. But happy to say Congrats and its awesome to see you moving forward with this. I am sure your passion will cutivate great success.

    Your web site looks great BTW!

    God Bless
    Thanks Randy! I love seeing your work and WIPs. Some day I'll make it that direction and start seeing all you guys in that area Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you had a great time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edge View Post
    Yeah, I still have your number. Is your Del still at your parent's house? I don't think I've seen that one yet. I have found at least one other knife knut in town, but I'm looking to get more people in to how great these knives are, (not just in performance) but inspiration wise, when it comes to cooking. It will probably be sometime in late August or September, as I'm helping my g/f fix up the house she just bought, and right after I have a trip planned that will take me out of town for a week. I'll probably be able to host this time, and I'll come up with some good food (maybe some more wine) that we can enjoy. I'll be in touch shortly though!
    Sounds good! I will look forward to it.

    And yes... I've got a few Dels kicking around these days, and a mokume ring in process. So Mr Ealy will be well represented on the evening.

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