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Thread: Shigegusa still using natural stone?

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    Shigegusa still using natural stone?

    I look at the 2014 video, is Shig still using natural stone?

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    I think he starts with synthetics and finishes with naturals. Maxim will know.

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    my impression is, might be wrong, he use natural stone at their sharpening station. If you look at it, there are a lot of natural stone appear from old video.

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    Not to speak for maxim here, but many sharpeners and knife makers in Japan use synthetic stones first and follow them with a natural finishing stone or two

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    And one more 'not to speak for Maksim' - but Maksim himself mentioned elsewhere that the the JNS6000 (and possibly one more of his synthetic stones) is used by Shigefusa . So yes - I think he does use also synthetic stones.

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    Hi using Naturals only for finishing and he have always done that
    And yes he use Shapton Glass for all coarse work
    JNS Aoto and JNS 6k

    Like Jon said i dont know many that use Jnats for coarse work, not even sword polishers.

    Quote Originally Posted by glestain View Post
    I look at the 2014 video, is Shig still using natural stone?

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    So which are the few knife makers in Japan you know of which use only Jnats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tchan001 View Post
    So which are the few knife makers in Japan you know of which use only Jnats?
    I dont know any knife makers that do that :P Only very little sword polishers

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    it's because the synthetic stones are cheeper for a big work- and they do the job always in a clear consistent way. But the great result can be achieved only with Jnats. I know some sharpener- they like Jnats a lot, but they use something like Shapton Glass Stones, only because they have to do it quicker ( not better)- so the question is how to achieve the most acceptable result for a shortest period of time- Jnats are too expensive for it, and you need the "marriage" between the steel and the stone- with Shaptons etc not. So, i suppose, there is no need to look so much at the producers- they have to be efficient . We have more time- we can use Jnats on every stage, enjoying the process, achiving the best possible result on the edge and on the knife in general !

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    what a knife maker uses does not reflect on what end user should be using anyway. that said, i'm all about using only naturals, except for really coarse work, takes too long on nats.

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