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Thread: OMG disgusted!

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    OMG disgusted!

    The server brought food to the wrong table...customer was drunk and took a bite, server tries to blame customer for eating wrong food...wrong with a capital W...she sends the food back to chef to re-plate...chef re-plates entree...I mean...wrong, wrong, wrong...

    Then we serve old crappy calamari...I ran out of the stuff I had cut up and prepared, we served the old crap which was nothing short of what you'd expect from a chain restaurant...I told the line cook and chef that we ran out of the good stuff. They said okay just use the old stuff. I'm having a hard time with this...

    I am just a lower level pantry goon, but what I observed was just enough to make myself irate...and the line cook hacks to hell the seabass portion with his little six inch santoku that has a chipped edge from opening cans...The fish is jaggedly cut. Arg! I guess it's time to move on...Go where the food is treated with more respect and if I get yelled at for something it's not because I refuse to send old crap out.

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    Yep, time to leave.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Yep, Nighty night.

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    I guess this is not how you imagined your start in a new country. I hope you will find a nicer place to work soon.

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    Gotsta go!!
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    If you don't agree with their Standards then def time to go. More than likely it won't change

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    Get out man.

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    Prospects are limited right now but I'll see where else I can go...I mean I'd love to use my knives more than I am now. New country? I've been in the US all my life...but I've considered going on the holy pilgrimage to Belgium and possibly working a low level kitchen job...I suppose it's hard to work in an environment where the chef is burned out. Despite this terrible thing he did, he has an amazing rock star resume and large body of work with very high end cuisine.

    Now he is simply stuck in his own grind putting in 60-90 hours a week with little appreciation.

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    That tends to happen, if the team is adventurous and motivated you may be able to spark some inspiration into the chef again... May be worth a try but may not work also.

    The best thing I would do is stand up for your standards, if it's your station don't use stuff your not proud of period. Any chef would respect that.

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    yup time to pack up and leave.
    I left my old gig for new one only to find out the new chef is not up to par and i just left.

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