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Thread: Learning Knife Forging in Japan

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    Learning Knife Forging in Japan

    *apologies if this is not an appropriate subforum to post this, I was not quite sure where to post.*

    Hey all, I am headed to Japan in about 6 months. I have had an interest in Japanese Knives for some time now and was interested in learning about knifemaking directly from the source.

    Does anyone know anything about visiting manufacturers? Are they generally willing to welcome outsiders and share their expertise, or is that frowned upon? I am not new to knife use, cooking, etc. but forging and knife making is still completely foreign to me.

    If anyone has any insights, experiences, recommendations, etc it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to know any specific recommendations of places to visit in Japan as well.

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    You might write to Murray Carter and ask him. If anyone can tell you he can. Good luck with your venture.

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    My guess is Murray will try to sell him on taking his own class in Oregon.

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    Jon Broida goes to Japan every year to hone his skills (so to speak); he should be able to hook you up with some people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norton View Post
    Jon Broida goes to Japan every year to hone his skills (so to speak); he should be able to hook you up with some people.
    I wonder if Jon and Maxim only have these opportunities though because of the relationships that they have cultivated with these vendors over the years? In a way, extending a special courtesy and a chance to catch up and discuss future business. I wouldn't think they're generally equipped to handle visitors, and they might not have the time to sit down with everyone that would want to learn from them. I may be wrong...

    Hopefully something comes of this and things work out for you! After all, you never know unless you ask

    - Steve

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    yeah.... its not something that one can normally just walk in and do, nor are they set up for that kind of thing. People ask me all of the time, but most of the makers ask us not to share any information about them, so its not something we can help with. Sorry.

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    Learning Knife Forging in Japan

    . One of the highlights I was planning on when I eventually make it to japan would be looking at how knives are made and maybe pick up a few direct from makers. Not sure if possible.

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    For those of you who developed connections over the years, how did you get started in the first place?

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    How is your Japanese language ability?

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    Minimal; I have a friend who is currently giving me lessons and am learning the language at a university during this upcoming semester. If I am being optimistic, in 6 months, enough to get me by.

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