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Thread: Ive got the "no more Game of Thrones" blues

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    Lord of Light by Zelazny

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    Creatures of light and darkness - Zelazny, numerous short stories too. Shekley's short stories are amazing. I gave them as a hallmark of quality and imagination - they hop from style to style, universe to universe and create amazing full blooded worlds just for 10 page shor If you are into dark historical fantasy - The Sarantine Mosaic is very nice - epic political drama set in fantasy Byzantine era Constantinople.

    But lets not derail from the show conversation - It is definitely nice that it is such raging success and pop culture phenomena and introducing wide audience to the sci-fi and fantasy genres. I wonder what will happen when the show catches up with the books - Martin seems to be unable to finish anything in remotely timely manner and there is material for three seasons more in the two books left.

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    I was extremely satisfied with the last ep. I am also tempted to pick up the books to find out what happened, but I keep hearing how awful the 4th and 5th books are. I think I'll just wait for next spring.

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    5 different story lines, where I think 3 in a row were slow, painfully over dramatic and drawn out. I was reading the series a number of years ago (at least 3-4 years before HBO series)...I cannot remember which book I stopped reading on, but it was mainly due to the mother of dragons story line, and how that and some other story lines just got too damn strange without ever going anywhere.

    I have definitely enjoyed the HBO series, but I was disappointed in that season finale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzardborn View Post
    Not at all - there is a lot of fat to trim from the books. And stop complaining about waiting - the people that read the books - we wait 7 years between installments.
    Also I think you will be disappointed - Martin as a quality of writing is in the middle of the scale - better than Salvatore and classes below the good work of Sheckley and Zelazny.
    I lost interest with the books. It was probably just me though.
    I tend to lean toward authors like Brad Thor, Dan Brown, Robert Ludlum and others who write the spy novels.
    I think it comes with middle age. Boy was I ever relieved to find out I was correct with my paranoia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    Last night's episode was a great ending to a great season. Im pretty bummed about waiting a year or so for more episodes, so I suppose I'll start reading the books. Is it just me, or is it completely bonkers that the GoT seasons are only 10 one hour episodes? seems like with the amount of story telling going on the seasons should be expanded somehow to compensate.
    Frankly the books have a lot more story lines. The series also has the order of some events changed.

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    IMHO Book 4 and first half of the book 5 are well beyond of "boring", like coma inducing boring. They(show) have to change quite a bit, otherwise, if the show sticks to source material very close, they will loose most of the viewers, watching that(B4 and first half of B5) on tv show is close to watching paint dry.
    Yeah, book has more story lines, which tend to go nowhere, along with a few main storylines. Characters get introduced, then get offed real soon, and it goes on.

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