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Thread: First laser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb View Post
    ?? My knives from Japan get to me in 3 days (EMS), and orders from Mark take less than a week.
    stuff from koki from memory takes over 1 week. ive only ordered from mark once and it took about 15 days. but my yamawaku deba from 330mate took over 3 weeks because they send it on the cheap!

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    MY latest order was from Bluewayjapan by EMS and I got a tracking number (as you would with Koki, who also ships by EMS). The tracking website showed that my knife was at my local PO in 2 .5 days with attempted delivery on the third day. On the occasions I'm not at home for the courier, I pick up the package from the local PO the next day.

    Of course, that's counting from the day the package was shipped, not when the order was sent. I don't think any of the vendors goes to the PO every day.

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    Well I had a very pleasant surprise when I checked my shipping status today. It was out for delivery. So at about 10 am went out to check on something and lone and behold I find my mail man going down the street he came over and unloaded a good bit of things for me, but what put the stupid grin on my mug was a large box. So in a went and like a kid on Christmas started unwrapping. Fit and finish are super and it is VERY light. After a quick wash I was set. Not much here only an onion and celery but I really didn't care.... well I did after I was finished because there was no more. Very fun to use. Will hit the stones later in the week and after talking to Jon I'm going to put a 10 degree with a micro bevel. Now normal people might think we are nuts, getting so happy about a new knife but they aren't in the know now are they.

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    There's nothing like a new knife in the house to brighten up the day!


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