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Thread: What kind of knife for supreme (supreming??) oranges/grapefruit?

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    I like my 270 DT ITK for this task. I know seems large for the task, but I like using the heel and the bigger the better. My carter funayuki is my second favorite.


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    I like to use a Suisin IH 210. I'll never go back to trying to peeling and segmenting with a petty or paring after trying this knife. It's not too long and not too tall and makes quick work of small and large citrus. I use mostly the front 2/3s of the blade for the peeling and the heel for popping out segments. Works like a charm.

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    I use all types of knives for this over the years, even my nakiri, but my 150mm Petty is probably my favorite for the task.

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    I use my Carter 150 Funy or a Forgie boner.

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