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Thread: Performance Videos -180mm Nakiri

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    Performance Videos -180mm Nakiri

    I recently started posting videos of performance of S and Asymmetric geometries. I decided to make a separate thread where I could post videos (and maybe other user can do as well) of my knives in action.

    So here is 180mm nakiri in AEB-L. Basically, I will offer two versions of nakiris, thinner and thicker S grind. Thicker will have a better food separation, but thinner is more fun to use in my opinion. My personal preference for a a nakiri to function as a precision cutter than a workhorse.Thicker version is much closer to a workhorse.

    This is a thinner version. 180mm on the edge, no flex on the spine. Symmetrically ground, S geometry.

    If my KKF Inbox is full (or not), please contact me via Email:

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    hey marko, any idea on when these will start being available for purchase? They are very intriguing
    Put me in line please

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    Mate, I am starting my saving fund. This one is top of the list.

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