Restarting the thread since I din't know what else to do :- )

I went to a sur la table to pick up a Kramer carbon they were holding for me and started experimenting with the new Kramer evolution, cutting some lemons and carrots they had. The profile may not be to everyone's taste, but I don't think I have ever seen a mass produced knife that is this sharp out of box - and with so low an angle - a lot less than 15 degrees, looked like 10 in fact. it's a lot lighter than the 52100 as well. All in all I was sorely tempted, SG61 steel is pretty good as I recall - I have a couple of Japanese knives that use it..

Anyway for the money, if you dig the profile, I don't think it can be beat currently - $249 list for the 10" and you can usually wangle a discount......

Also for the record the Miyabi evolution seems to use the same steel but the knife didn't seem to cut as well as the essential