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Everyone who has posted suggestions in this thread including me should be forced to prepare Thanksgiving dinner with our relative's useless knives for neglecting to mention that one of the nation's finest knife shops is located across Lake Washington in downtown Kirkland. Bus #255 will take you from the bus tunnel nearly to EE's front door. It is a nice ride and there is plenty of quality shopping in the area for a S.O. who may not share your passion for sharp things. There is also a SLT across the street where you can cut carrots with any of their knives (i.e. Zwilling Kramers.) If you cannot make it to EE, there is a decent shop (Seattle Cutlery) plus another SLT both in Pike Place Market. While in the marlet, I would advise a beer, but not a meal, at either the Athenian or Lowell's for unsurpassed views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula. You can't go wrong with a fresh Dungeness is available prepared at Jack's Fish Spot which is a fish monger not a restaurant.
I actually mentioned it in two of my original posts which were eaten by forum malfunctions haha. By 02:30, I had forgotten due to fatigue.