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Thread: If you don't mind, I need your two cents.

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    If you don't mind, I need your two cents.

    Hello all,

    Iím new to this forum and Iím looking for a little help from you experts. Iíll give a little background on me. My name is Brendan and Iíve been in the Navy for almost 18 years. Iím currently running the navy sniper course in Indiana and Iíve got just a couple years left until I retire, which Iím really looking forward to.

    I got into blacksmithing about a year ago, primarily for the reason of making knives (like so many do) and have been obsessed with it since. I havenít made that many but Iíd like your thoughts from what you see here. I realize I canít show how itís heat-treated but Iíll do my best to explain.

    The below knife is forged from 1095 (ľ in thick, 1.5 in wide) stock. I hammered it to this desired thickness, annealed in vermiculite, cut the Sudoku shape, cold hammered a bit, normalized twice and on the third heat quenched in peanut oil. Washed off the oil, tempered twice at 400F for 1:45 each time, then began to grind. I would have liked to get the grind farther up the blade but Iím a perfectionist and need a straight line. If I reduce the angle too much on my 42 in belt grinder I loose my perfect line and one side will inevitably have a higher mark. (side note: anyone selling a 2x72?)

    I only went down to 320 grit on the bladeÖactually on the handle too. On that handle I used cocobolo and curly maple. After sanding I used a tung oil finish, 3 coats, buffed, before attaching with 5 min epoxy.

    Iíve watched months of videos and surfed many custom knife sites learning along the way. Iíve taken If you would, please give me some feed back on every aspect of what you see. Shape, handleÖeverything. Also, what kind of price would this knife command? Any info Iíve omitted please ask Iíll gladly give. Iíve got many more questions but Iíll start here.

    Thank you all.

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    Welcome from another Navy guy(OS2). Unfortunately I'm pretty new to the game so I can't offer much other than I love that hammered finish on the blade.

    From what I've gathered, while the steel is a big part of it, nailing the geometry is what separates good from great. I wish I could tell you one way or another from looking at it. I'm sure the old hats will be here soon.

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    Careful how you step on this forum...hobbyists and makers are kind of tightly controlled here (see: this post to understand what I mean).

    As for the knife, I think you're referring to a santoku shape, rather than a sudoku (the number game) shape. It is hard to make real judgments without straight profile and cross-sectional shots. Food is of course the real test.

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    Public solicitation isn't allowed from non paying makers/vendors in order to protect the community. Become an approved maker, send me the knife and I'll candidly review it for you.

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    Welcome Brendan. Please review the terms of use. Thanks.
    ďThough I could not caution all, I still might warn a few; Donít lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.Ē Robert Hunter

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    ThEoRy and XooMG,

    I apologize, that was not the intent of the question. I'm not selling my knives. I am nowhere near that level. ForceofWill, nice to meet you brother.

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    Maybe try a pass around and get feedback

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    Out of respect for forum rules I won't offer you public feedback on the this thread, but I am former Navy too and respect the ambition so
    PM me if you want my thoughts on your knife.

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    Regardless of the rules, I'll give you feedback. Too much of a wedger; then again I like thin knives. Geometry is something you will have to work on to get these guys on board. FWIW, I am 18 years Air Force, hope to see your name around the block in the future!



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