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Thread: Michelle Wie just won US Womens Open

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    Michelle Wie just won US Womens Open

    I know many could care less, but in Hawaii it is big. All her ups & downs she is playing her best this year by far. She has won once this year before this major win. Been high in the standings including second place in the LPGA tournaments this season.

    She has matured and having fun, even her bent over putting style which she came up with herself is making her much better on the greens.

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    Haven't followed Michelle for a long time, but it is great to hear that she has won a major.

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    matured? i think she just got some crap because she posted up drunken pics of her and friends doing beer bongs from the trophy.

    personally, i win the open..i would do the same thing. she is still young and having the most kickass time of her life. good for her. glad all that other stuff is behind her. i hope this is just the beginning for her.

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