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Thread: Carbons to look for on the bay

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    cattaraugus made good knives. Ralph is a little expensive on most of his stuff but, he usually sells good stuff. It's not plated
    Cheers. Style seemed to suit me and the condition looks pretty good for its age (I think), so I took a risk on it. My razor seems to be quite hard, and I think the NY razor makers had a reputation for that, but I have no idea about the kitchen cutlery side of things.

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    cattuagarus, made knives for the military along with Ontario knife works, camillus and clyde. They had to last a long time, be tough and easily sharpenable. They are tough knives.
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    Do a search for vintage geneva hi carbon knife. That would be my pick of the day.
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    Here is one -

    Goodell, some Dexters, Lamson & Goodnow - all good stuff. Ralph has a gorgeous Goodell Paring knife up now.

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    What is Geneva high carbon??

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