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Thread: Coming to New York in July

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    Coming to New York in July

    Hey there fellow Kitchen Knife Enthusiasts,

    My wife and I will be in New York City for a quick foodie and immersive theater tour just like we did last year. If anyone would like to meet up for drinks we will be in the Chelsea / East Village / Madison Square Park areas. Last year we met up with Son and had a good time talking knives. Hit me up via PM or reply in this thread.

    We will be in town from 7/11 - 7/12.


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    Just a quick recap, the wife and I had another amazing stay in NYC! If only we could afford to live in the East Village… We ate at Degustation, Nomad, Han Jan and of course Shake Shack. Every meal was a delight and we had some stunner cocktails at Empellon Cocina and Please Don't Tell. If you haven't been to NYC, I highly recommend going.
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    how was Degustation?

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    Degustation was the best meal of the trip. The grilled octopus dish was absolutely delicious and my favorite. The Nomad (Eleven Madison Park's sister restaurant) was great as well, we had their famous roast chicken. What made Degustation a better dinner was the atmosphere. Both restaurants had equally delicious food and great service, but being able to see the chef's cooking really made it special. Degustation is very similar to Catbird Seat in Nashiville.

    I also forgot to say that we went to the Halal Guy's cart and had chicken and rice, which was great as well!
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