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Thread: Richmond AS/ Kohetsu AS gyutos

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    Senior Member Keith Sinclair's Avatar
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    May 2012
    The Kohetsu AS is a good blade esp. for under 200.00. It is made in Japan with a wa handle the grind is good, sharpens easy. It is thinner & lighter than the Hiromoto. 240mm is 20.00 more than the Hiro. 210mm nice Line knife for slicing.

    Totally agree that some Richmond projects are lacking to say the least. This knife blade & octagon wa handle made in Japan.

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    Apparently my Richmond Ultimatum is a "Lamson era" blade. He should hang his head in shame for selling it. I've fixed the bevels and it is now a very usable knife, but the experience has soured me on CKTG permanently.

    Insofar as Mark Richmond is concerned, "caveat empture".

    Yea...I know. I probably misspelled it.

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