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Thread: JNS Kato Workhorse

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamageInc View Post
    I got both. The 210 is thinner at the tip. Better for onions. Both are great knives.
    My other Gyuto's are;

    1) 240mm Konosuke HD2
    2) 240mm Teruyasy Fujiwara Nashiji
    3) 210mm Konosuke Fujiyama B#2
    4) 300mm high carbon steel (45 years old from spring steel kit)

    So I'm leaning toward the 210 Kato but, if a 240 becomes available first I'll try to grab that.


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    The good thing with Katos are that they straight up sell themselves if you happen to not like them. That's why I wasn't worried dropping all that cash for a 240. But I won't be selling mine any time soon.
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