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Thread: My new project - YellowHouse

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    My new project - YellowHouse

    I have been a cook/chef for the past 10 years and my best friend Ed has been one for the last 6 or so. I work at a great restaurant where I enjoy the type of food, the ingredients and the people there. It is not my menu, but I am not creatively stifled. Sure, there are some things I would change, but for the most part, I love it there. My poor friend Ed on the other hand, he works for an awful hack of a chef, management, and owners. Ed did not go to culinary school and kinda wound up cooking by chance, but he truly loves food and is a great chef. We used to work together at the place he still works, I was able to escape 3+ years ago, but he is still trapped there (and not for lack of trying).

    Ed and I used to live together in a (yellow) house that had an amazing back yard which was great for all sorts of entertaining, from giant restaurant people keg parties to classier and more intimate dinner parties. It had a terrible kitchen (the counter space consisted of only 12" of space on either side of the sink), but we made it work.

    Anyway, for the past 18 months we have been talking about hosting dinners, not just for our close friends and family, but friends of friends and hopefully through word of mouth, complete strangers. This is not a new concept, you may know it as a supper club, or Gypsy or Ghetto Gourmet, just to name a few. As best I can tell, there is no such thing in my area. So that is basically what we are doing, starting small with some friends and family, friends of friends, and people we have told about it and have been interested.

    So far we have 3 locations lined up, and we are going to try to hit all of them by end of summer/early fall. The first one will be July 30th with a family style menu of some recipes from our wheelhouse. Walk before your run, we will save the extravagant coursed dinners for future events. We had a bunch of awful names picked out before Ed realized we should just name it after the place we lived together, started on this project, and had events at already.

    That is all I have so far, but in the near future I will have plenty of menu/recipe details and photographs. If you are interested in attending, getting junk emails from us, or cooking with us please send us an email at yellowhousefood AT or follow us on twitter @yellowhousefood.

    Wish us luck!
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Good luck John! Sounds like a fun project, looking forward to seeing more.

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    I hope the best for you.

    I would def. eat there

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    oooo sounds fun.

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    In Oslo we have a restaurant that have only one dish on the menu.

    They have 3 shuffleboards for entertainment, lots of beer and the dish Boiling Pot - made of crabs, shrimps, sausage, potato and corn.

    If you dont have to much space you can make an insane great boiling pot, that everybody wants to taste. This way its cheap to get started, and you can become famous at once. Low price as well, and have private arrangements for companies and special events

    Just meant as an input to your plan my friend
    At least keep as few dishes as posible on the menu. Be great at what you know, dont be avarage on everything .)

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    What the hell?!

    No way!

    No. Way.

    Oivind. How old is that boiling pot? I grew up in a VERY small coastal town(8k people) in texas, check this out:

    That flyer is one from our town! Are you scadis ripping us off?!

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    I did some research:

    It all started in 2005, after they got the idea from Austin, Texas. There this dish was served on newspapers, but in Norway this is not allowed.

    Im going to try this place out. Oslo is a small town, with only 600 000 citizens. Norwegians do not eat as often out as people in the south of Europe, and Norwegians are hard to understand.

    Anyway: This place makes it barely around, so I guess the consept would work in a larger city than Oslo with a other culture as well.

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    Best Of Luck !

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    Hey, the one in Austin was an offshoot, owned by the guys in Rockport! I had several friends who worked at both places!

    That is a crazy coincidence!

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