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Thread: Trending Larger or Smaller?

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    Trending Larger or Smaller?

    As I get older I find I am trending toward smaller knives. I have bunches of 270s; kiri, gyuto, yanagiba, but I am really enjoying some 180s these days. Are you finding your preferences changing over time? A 270 feels like a monster to me now plus I am in a home cooking environment.
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    I prefer 210mm gyutos. I live in a small apartment with a small counter top. It doesnt fit big boards or blades.

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    I have plenty of space but I do like smaller knives atm, home cook/house chef for hire

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    I'm forcing myself to exclusively my recently acquired 225 Marko, putting the 250 Marko aside. Really liking the shorter blade!
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    In the hypothetical "if the house was on fire and you could grab only one knife on your way out the door" scenario, my 240 Devin ITK, no contest. But more and more, for smaller tasks, I find myself using the Gesshin Hide 210 gyuto from Jon. Fantastic cutter.

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    Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing about an hour today while cutting some mushrooms. As a home cook, simply more comfortable using a relatively smaller knife for most tasks.

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    Another home cook who has to admit 210 is really perfect. I grab my 210 Ginga and 180 watanabe nakiri the most.

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    I much prefer 240 mm gyutos lately after using 270 mm gyutos for a couple of years. I use to be very OCD about the actual cutting length and blade height, of my knives, but now I dont really care about that so much as long as grind and profile is how I like it to be.

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    I cook in a professional setting and I use a 240 gyuto and a 220 chukabocho almost exclusively, I had a 210 wa-gyuto but it felt like a toy and couldn't handle a large prep load as well.

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    I am a pro, I use a 240 and everyone says "THAT IS HUGE" they like their 8" Shuns

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