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Thread: Yanagi is not 100% straight, ok?

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    Question Yanagi is not 100% straight, ok?

    May be this is stupid but I am new to Yanagibas, I would like to hear more experienced opinions.
    I just received my first yanagiba few hours ago. Even though I really like the feel and looks of it; I am not sure it's up to "standard". My impression was that with the length of 270mm it's should be pretty much flat, no bends.
    However this one at about 2/3rds of the blade starts to bend upwards. The highest point is about 1.5 millimeters of the base. I was wondering if this is normal or should I bring it up with the vendor/craftsman. Will this affect the performance?

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    Thanks for quick reply Jon.
    I followed up with the seller in regards...

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    lol... i was worried it was from me for a second. These things happen sometimes. They arent the end of the world. However, after a few years now, i've seen many people make the mistake of thinking fixing bends and warps like this are easy. It takes a lot of skill and experience to do well, so please make sure that whomever is doing this for you has that training, skill, and experience.

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    I have seen this kind of issue(?) with single-bevel knives. My tadatsuna honyaki yanagi is like that and masamoto ks hon deba is like that as well. I did not have any performance related issues with the knives because of it. Don't know if it's a real issue either.
    When I looked at the knives carefully, it's not bent nor warped. It's just how they were ground.
    It appeared that, when grind was done for tapering of the thickness of blade, it's done with backside rather than front side toward the tip.

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    Honyaki knives should not feature this as much as clad knives, and are infinitely harder to fix. The problems are less in performance (though it does effect this) and more in long term sharpening. These issues will cause undesired and relatively unavoidable knife shape problems with repeated sharpening.

    Taper is a different issue, but what i am seeing in the above pictures is warping.

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    The Shimatani yanagiba I received from is bent like this too, it went back to him a few weeks ago. I'm still yet to receive my replacement, even though Metalmaster replied that he already received my return parcel.

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    Oh dear ... may I ask which brand is that yanagiba?

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    My sword polishing book has a section on straightening. I've tried it and I probably wouldn't do it again; maybe on a practice knife. Just saying. It looks simple but, as Jon points out, is much more difficult to do correctly than it appears.
    Everywhere you go, there you are.

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    This is what I got from the seller after i inquired on the straightness:
    I checked your pictures.
    I think it is normal. Our blade is tapered spine. You should put the center on the edge. Of course, our knives has these small gaps because of made by hand. We don't think it is problem to use.
    And you can cancel the order, if you hope.

    Does it seem like fumes in the eyes or not?

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