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Thread: I Want their Job!

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    I Want their Job!

    A bit off topic... but these guys may have one of the best jobs in the world... I can do that aaaaall day long...

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    Im always amazed how many idiots you could possibly find in internet.

    They get excited over chopping up some pork, or a shoe filled with meat...
    None of them operates the sword with any kind of knowledge or technique. Totally no control over body weight or punch throwing.
    I wish the pork would do a sidestep with a swing and threw counterattack slash with a katana. There would be propably two fat bastards with hilarious looking piece of stainless instead of just one

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    I did notice some wedging...

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    Ever seen that Tosh.0 where he bought a CS sword and chopped everything in sight with it? Until the handle broke off?

    What a pile of crap. That company is laughable. "Chinese war sword"....

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    I love watching these videos, they are all great.

    I have seen that Tosh.0 and it is great too, sword sucks.

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    I am a lil confused as to why the spokesperson felt it was necessary to wear a tie to do this demo...hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Line cooked View Post
    I am a lil confused as to why the spokesperson felt it was necessary to wear a tie to do this demo...hilarious
    haha! that dude cracks me up! he looks like the last guy that I would think of that would demo a sword! haha!

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    Lynn takes this stuff serious and I know him well enough to tell you it would be a mistake to try calling him a "fat bastard" to his face. Among other things, he used to keep a pro boxer on this staff so he could spare with him several times a week.

    The guy on youtube tried to split firewood with the sword, something no sword was designed to do.

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    i really like it when he tries to not grin too much after he slashes something up... hehe funny stuff... but really sharp sword too... and they have like a ton of videos... and i've been enjoying every single one of them! haha cutting stuff makes me happy...

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