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Thread: JNS Vacation

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    JNS Vacation

    I will be going on Vacation with my Family from 12th to 26th July 2014

    During that time i will not be able to Ship any packages !

    Last shipment before my Vacation will be this Thursday 10th July 2014

    You Can still place orders on my website when i am gone but i will first ship them when i come back !
    Monday 28 July

    Have a nice and warm Summer everyone !!


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    Have a great summer holiday Maksim, hope you are able to enjoy and relax!

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    I am back from my Vacation
    I have tons of orders and packages to be shipped
    Thank you all for supporting me even when i am gone !!!

    Please give me some time to get back on track and answer all emails.
    I will probably also be shipping packages over 2 or 3 days !

    I have a lot of catching up to do also with the house and paperwork ;(

    Thank you everyone for your support and understanding !!

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    That is the problem with vacations when you are a small business owner, all the headaches and work that has piled up while gone. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. In 30 years my longest vacation was 9 days so I missed 6 days of work. That was 24 years ago. Now I prefer 1 or 2 days off scattered through out the year. Hope you had a great vacation!!

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