CPM 154 and DewCarta
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Thread: CPM 154 and DewCarta

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    CPM 154 and DewCarta

    Hi guys, this is a 240 mm CPM154 Gyuto with Stainless welded/integral-ish bolsters.

    Blade is at HRC 61, ScotchBrite finish

    Scales are a new product called DewCarta. They have G10 liners, and are fastened with stainless corby bolts/epoxy

    I just need to brand and sharpen

    This one is the last of the prototype of the midtech line and is available. Asking $400 plus shipping

    Feel free to visit my website, http://www.rodrigueknives.com
    Email pierre@rodrigueknives.com

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    Looks great Pierre , somebody should grab it fast

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    Hooray !! Pierre is back !!!

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    Beautiful weld work on the bolsters, very smooth.

    Be well,
    Available handles- [url]http://s64.photobucket.com/user/mkriggen/library/Available20handles[/url]

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    Sweet. I normally don't like flamboyant handles but this is a very nicely done knife.

    You should do another cleaver someday.

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    That's cool as hell Pierre, I like the whole package.

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    awesome pictures in your photobucket! where do you find them?

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    i mean the landscape ones.

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    Oh snap! When I saw this the other day I missed that it was for sell! Very interested. Is this blade the same as the other mid techs- super thin with flex and a distal taper on the tip that's like as thin as aluminum foil? Wicked cutter...

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    As this one is a prototype, it is heavier. The starting stock is 1/8" so heavier above the heel, but still a full distal taper, and a nice thin tip. Convexed blade faces to help alleviate stiction.

    Feel free to visit my website, http://www.rodrigueknives.com
    Email pierre@rodrigueknives.com

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