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Thread: Custom order list now OPEN

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHH Knives View Post
    2 spots left on the list.. Looking for a fun project. Maybe something a bit different. Unique or a knife design not often done as a custom? Bread knife comes to mind...
    Woah, seeing you make a bread knife would be awesome. If I didn't already have a few on the books with you, I'd be all over that! For purely selfish reasons I hope that it happens


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    Steve, Hecks yea!!

    Im thinking a amazing damascus pattern with a off set handle. scalloped blade edge. nice steady curved blade edge rather then a straight edge style bread knife . So it would double as a slicer if desired! And well. At that point. Its not gona matter alot what handle used as its gona be that awesome..

    Just dreaming here. ITS A KNIFE LIFE!

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