Well, maybe that's overstating it a bit, but Dream Burls is very proud to announce that it's first collection of dyed Quilted Maple pieces are in the store (www.dreamburls.com) now. There are three varieties: Black, Brown, Blue, Green/Black, Blue/Purple and Black/Purple.

What's so interesting about these blanks is that as they are sanded more of the underlying golden hues of the Quilted Maple come to the surface and create fascinating patterns and contrasts. The Blacks take on a marbled look, while the Blues come close to giving a Buckeye Burl appearance.

I've tried to capture the shimmering radiance of some of these pieces as best I can in the photographs and I think they do provide a rather good representation, but they really have to be seen to fully appreciate their beauty. "Imagine the Possibilities" really applies here and the possibilities are endless.