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Thread: Store is finally open again

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    Store is finally open again

    We're back up and running with normal business hours again...
    1501 Main St. #105
    Venice, CA 90291

    Mon-Fri 11am-6pm
    Sat. Noon-5pm
    CLOSED Sunday

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    Glad to hear the good news, Jon.


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    Do you accept credit cards?

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    He has been able to process my cards without a problem. I refuse to sign up for another paypal account so I have phoned in my orders and he runs them without a problem. That and it gives me an excuse to talk with Jon about what I am looking at before I pull the trigger. Always worth the extra time in my opinion even if I sometimes feel bad for taking some of Jon's time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichi View Post
    Do you accept credit cards?
    Indeed we do... credit cards, cash, and pay pal

    Sorry... no checks

    I must admit, at times i've thought of allowing barter

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    Barter is the best form of business transaction. No middle man, and everyone involved saves money.

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    im still thinkniign a really hard abut the 20k and 4and maybe the 8-10 range tones as they jsut had great feel

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    i'm still trying to get everything figured out with the 8k stones... i do love those though... hopefully i can get them made the way i want them

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