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Thread: Finishing stone for protein fab

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    Finishing stone for protein fab

    As I've discussed in another thread I'm in the process of replacing my sharpening stones. I recently replaced my old beston 1200 with a chosera 1000 which I like very much.

    So now I'm looking to get a higher grit stone to follow the chosera that would still leave a "toothy" edge suited to protein fabrication. Currently I've been just leaving my knives right off the 1000 but find the edge a little too rough and unrefined. I also have the suhiro 5000 but that is too smooth.

    So I'm looking for recommendations in that in between area that would be ideal for my protein knives and not break the bank. Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks- Jesse

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    I would suggest the Chosera 2k. Splash&Go. Hard, but with a nice feedback. It's a bit finer than the grit indicates. Leaves a fine toothy edge. Use it as last stone with soft carbons, harder ones get a few strokes on 5k-8k.

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    Seems a little close to chosera 1000 also a bit expensive...

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    The Chosera 3k will yield a very crisp grabby edge but it's a hard(ish) stone so go slow and precise and you'll get good results.

    If you're willing to go outside of the Chosera line I'd recommend an aoto, either natural or synthetic.

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    The 3000 is tempting but still a little pricy for me right now

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    The Shapton Pro 2k used to have some fans a while back, but not sure if it's still viable with all the other options available these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linecooklife View Post
    The 3000 is tempting but still a little pricy for me right now
    Dave didn't (or couldn't) mention it, but the JKS 3000 might be what you are looking for:

    You can also try stropping your 1k edge on newspaper or denim to refine it.
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    I really liked a stropped jns 800 for meat fab. I like those edges very aggressive.

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    I'm with Dardeau on this. My favorite stone for meat fab has been the JNS 1K followed by stropping on naked felt. Aggressive for meat.

    Maybe make yourself a strop set up with felt or just use newspaper. Might be enough to satisfy you.
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    I like 5k then stropped with diamond.
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