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Thread: Buying my first stone(s) and some questions

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    Buying my first stone(s) and some questions

    Hello everyone!

    I have no experience with sharpening and I am looking to buy my first stone. I plan to practice on some "cheap" carbon knives (Tojiro ITK) and probably on my old (and really dull) stainless-steel. Does the difference in steel requires different coarseness?

    Also, the suggestion King 1000/6000 often comes up.... Should I consider getting this? Does is it need to be soaked?

    Finally, I've seen online some fancy systems to hold the stone in place.... Should I also consider this?



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    I can't help much. But fancy systems are not recommended around here. I was about to make the jump on several but got lucky and couldn't. It's nice and all but free hand gives you more flexibility IMO. And with the money saved you can buy a cheap practice carbon and go for your life .

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    If you have the budget, get the three-stone "core" set of Beston 500, Bester 1200 and Suehiro Rika 5000:


    You can buy sink bridges, stone holders and other accessories, but a 2 x 4 with a damp dish towel on it to hold the stone in place works fine.
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    Thanks!!!! I like the damp dish towel idea!

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    If the knives are really dull you might want to have something coarser to start than 1000 grit. Lately, I became quite fond of Norton IB-8 combo stone for cheap and dull stainless knives. It's not a water stone though its an "oil" stone. Do not let oil part scare you. Just using water is more than fine. You can even use it dry.

    King 1000/6000 seems to be a popular choice for the beginner and it would be a good follower after the Norton stone if need be.

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    I like the suehiro xl Stone holder.
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    Buying my first stone(s) and some questions

    If your on a budget just make your own sink holder out of wood or just buy a cheap concrete block. Place a damp towel over the block and place your stone on it. You can also use the flat surface of the block to flatten your stones.

    I don't have a lot of experience using bester stones, only tested them a long time ago so can't say much. People say they are good.

    Naniwa super stones are good beginning stones as they come with a holder attached. Plus they are softer and easy to flatten. And are splash and go, so no pre soaking required.

    If just looking to get one combination stone get the power sigma select ii #1000/6000 combination stone. I carry it with me at all times in my mobile sharpening bag. Cuts fast and dies a great job. Just be careful with applying too much force to the 1000 side as it dishes fast and require flattening more.

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