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Thread: Things my Chef says 'bout my knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias504 View Post
    Steel to sharpen, full tang, bolsters, balance, blah blah blah....
    Ugh, no doubt. I'm at the point I just can't even participate in the discussions. I just smile and nod.

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    what really baffles me is how the Ex. Sous at worktreats his knives amazingly well (he turned me onto Misono's), like they were his babies, yet the executive chef managed to destroy his set of MACs in a week. and he doesnt even do any prep! i talked to him about it once and he assured me his knives were razor sharp. i snuck a look at em and the edge couldnt cut butter. it was terrible.

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    I daresay that the sous chef does the bulk of the hands-on work in most kitchens. Managing takes up a lot of time.

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    id agree with that. especially when the exec is also the company corporate chef, and has been reprimanded for "being out of town" when he was actually at his house. the dude says hes gonna go to new york for a couple weeks, and one of the sous's ran into him at the grocery store. real classy.

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