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Thread: Shun Electric Wet Sharpener

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    I've seen that thing in person, never used it though. I have to say it's probably a hell of a lot better of a solution for most people than the average pull through device.

    And yeah, the burr brush is ridiculous.

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    Mine has an attachment with a funnel on top. You pour in coffee beans and expresso comes out the bottom.
    Older and wider.

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    Looks like it takes quite long to set one up!

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    Shun hires great celebrity endorsers. If I was the average food network watcher I'd be convinced. Good thing I've always been a skeptic. This looks like it would work other than being expensive, bulky, and not able to adjust angles.

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    I use mine to trim my Pit Bull's toenails.
    But seriously, it makes some bitchin' smoothies with the (not included) magic bullet attachment.
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    that'd be useful for house knives. what's with the brush though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndoorOutdoorCook View Post
    Shun hires great celebrity endorsers.
    This guy is a great celebrity endorser? That makes the thing look even worse.
    Are all Shuns 50/50, btw?

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    As long as angle assisted, powered tools go this is not as bad.

    But if you go that way - just rig simple system using standard whetstone.

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