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Thread: Favor - help me identify two stones

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    Favor - help me identify two stones

    I inadvertently forgot to label two stones that i picked up on BST a while back. I now have a big enough stone collection so I started making sure they were all nicely marked in way that won't wear off as I use them but two stones (both mounted on holders) have defeated me, I don't know the manufacturer or grit although they are clearly reasonably high grit 3-6k is my guess. I'm attaching pictures and if anyone can help me identify them I would be grateful. One is basically unused and so still has the Kanji on the surface but the other is used and so only has it only etched into the holder and is it hard to read-it is a whitish grey stone if that helps

    Thanks (and apologies in advance).

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    Well, the one on the left is easy enough - and isn't - as it's a layered finisher, an awasedo, with the flowery stamp of the Kyoto Tennen Toishi Association (or words to that effect in Japanese). The other stamps simply say it's Sho Honyama, so a general finisher, probably Tomae, etc. ...

    As for the other... at first I thought, well, it's not the best photo as I was thinking it's a nat stone. No, it just says 'Suehiro' upside down.

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    The stone on the right looks to me, like a Suehiro Rika.


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