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Thread: sharp knives and my fingers - the family edition.

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    i was peeling shallots once, using a paring knife, dropped the shallot and went after it immediately (kinda in a rush), and i guess i forgot i had a knife in my hand cause the next thing i know blood squirted out of the side of my finger, on to the ceiling, and hit the end of a prep table six feet away. didnt feel a thing. i was sent to the hospital, no stitches at all. the doctor said it hit an arteriole or something, which must've closed right quick. he said i was lucky it was sharp, or there would've been more blood. a couple days later it was fully healed. i got a nice nike swwosh on my index finger as a souvenir. sharp knives cut deep, but heal wicked quick.

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    Its definitely heeled up nicely! now I actually just have stitches closing a cut that doesn't exist. I should go get them taken out.

    Its very true: what doesn't kill you hurts like a b*tch. I'd rather be cut by a sharp knife then a dull knife. It can cut you deep but you will hardly feel it!

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    Why would you go somewhere to get the stitches out? You have a knife, don't you?
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    Why would you go somewhere to get the stitches out? You have a knife, don't you?

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