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Thread: All you Stoners out there...

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    Yes, Shigefusa uses primarily three kinds of iron cladding. One for his better kasumi blades, like his yanagibas, the old stock iron with an almost damascus look to it. One plain looking iron for most of his kasumi or san mai blades, and of course the kitaeji.


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    So it's the iron that's so reactive then I would guess? I know that Watanabe's (non-kuriouchi) knives are crazy reactive, I had always assumed it was the iron cladding.

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    Yepp. The core steel of the Shigefusa isn't that bad at all. The Swedes can't ski, but they produce some really mean steel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    i just like buying stones... is something wrong with that :P
    Not at all Jon! I am just trying understand when people mention a stone not doing well on a particular steel, because I've never had a problem like that.

    I'll admit I've been curious about j-nats, so I'm sure I'll get at least one at some point. Looks like its more for the fun and curiosity, rather then trying to find a perfect stone setup for each knife.

    I can definitely respect it, as I was the same way with 'collecting' knives not too long ago.

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    To me the curiousity is definately one of the main drivers behind my JNAT hoarding. However, occationally finding that perfect match between knife and stone is very satisfying and a thing of beauty. I have also found a couple of JNATs that go equally well with all steels, and that is really satisfying to discover as well. Learning about and experimenting with my stones and trying to find the right new ones is a neverending but really exciting quest that will keep me busy and very happy for a long time.


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