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Thread: Too Long?

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    Too Long?

    I made a couple of rather large knives and took them to blade show. One a 13.5 inch gyoto with stainless bolsters and a 52100 blade and the other an integral 52100 scimitar with a 13.5 inch blade. Everyone who looked at them at bladeshow asked "what do you do with a knife this big?" My answer was cut big stuff. So how big is too big?

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    There are definitely people who can use knives that long. Professional chefs, butchers and fishmongers that break down whole sides of large fish, beef, etc., could definitely use such knives.

    A 13.5 inch scimitar would be great for breaking down 25+ pound fish, especially rounder large fish including tunas. I've used a 10 and 12 inch forschner scimitar to quarter yellowfin and albacore tuna. For larger yellowfin, the 12 inch was just long enough to get all the way down to the spine (when cutting at a downward angle of about 45 degrees, not straight down).
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    For most I think 13.5 is a bit too large of a blade, even for many pro's. That being said, I don't think that it is too long to be practical, can't tell you how many times I woulda loved to have a 13+'' knife when slicing steaks off of very large primals. Once had a ribeye that measured 11'' across the small dimension, 13.5 woulda been nice. Basically I guess I'm trying to say that fopr most its totally impractical, but indispensable when needed.


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    13.5inch schimitar absolutely awesome. There are plenty of practical applications for that. A gyuto that big I would never use honestly. I have a 12 inch one that I bought cheap and just using it on small occasions say bbq.

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    This ribeye measured about 9 across the small dimension, coulda used a bigger knife for this guy.

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    I would say it depends on the size of your cutting board. If the knife is balanced right, no knife is too long, IMO. I'd rather have too much knife than too little, but space does not always allow.

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    You know we can't make that call...without some pictures Bill!
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    x2 on pics! (and prices?)
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    I sent these two to EE on consignment as soon as I get pictures I'll post them.

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    I agree,
    We would love to see photos of these and any of your other knives.

    Will you be at the Boise Show this year.
    They changed the date so it would fall on my birthday!

    Did you make the Rambo Chef Knife yet for the Marine Chef who saved that other Marine's life?
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