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Thread: What are good resources for learning plating. Especially spoon work.

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    Senior Member greasedbullet's Avatar
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    What are good resources for learning plating. Especially spoon work.

    Need to play some catch up at my new job. What are some good videos or learning resources for learning plating techniques. Especially spoon work.

    Any other tips are very welcome.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I needed to learn how to rocher icecream so I could move into the pastry section of the place I was working. So over the weekend I bought 4L of icecream, brought it to the right temperature, and practiced, when it got too soft I stick it back in the freezer, when it set I started again. Probably spent about 3-4 hours over the weekend, but I got it, moved sections the next week.

    As for spoon plating do you mean smears and such of purées or quenelles? Once again practice is the key. Also speed, the faster you move the spoon, the more even the lines will be.

    Grant Achatz plating dessert on the table is cool to watch, plenty of fancy spoon work in those videos.


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    I agree with Huw here, practice is key, you tube some chefs or restaurants you like and watch them plate. I also find antique spoons with there deep bowls and pointed tips are my personal favorite for plating.

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    There are a couple of books on Amazonsky but I know nothing about them. (Don't you just love that: I don't know, but I will tell you.) Just thought I would throw that out there.
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    practice...with everything. every sauce behaves differently, purees etc. even different thickness will change how things behave. if you have extra sauce puree etc just practice plating when you have downtime most chefs would probably not discourage such activities.

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    Plate the same dish about a thousand times. Huw's suggestion of practicing at home is a good one. It's probably what I'll have to do if I ever do food that isn't fairly rustic again. My spoon game is pretty lame these days, but I'm also not a big fan of making ( or eating) food with that sort of plating.

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    i practice rocher's with soft butter or whipped cream

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    Slow and steady wins the aren't going to get far slopping it around and wiping each plate...Hopefully you work where playing is done in a timely fashion with quality first. I believe the secret to good plating is having the right sauce with the right dish But I am just a rookie in perpetual learning mode.

    I don't mean be slow and lethargic rather you should be brisk and graceful. Fast and furious translates into wiping too many plates.

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    never hesitate, and don't hold your breath. Cooks tend to hold there breath cause they are nervous, causing their hands to shake. Visualize what the plate will look like when finished, know your next move before you make it, trust your instincts.

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    Do some basic reading on photography. Focusing (pardon the pun) on rule of thirds, horizons, color and balance. Not to mention subject matter. A whole bunch applies to plating techniques.

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