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Thread: Forum growing fast!

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    Forum growing fast!

    So I noticed that the "most users online" stat nearly doubled the previous record yesterday. I'm seeing more and more people join up, and it appears we may be experiencing increased lurker traffic, is that right?

    Pretty cool.
    - Sean

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    I don't know about "lurkers" but the site is growing nicely and I think that is a good thing. I've been inviting my customers to visit and I think at least one of them has joined.

    I love this forum.

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    It does seem to be getting busier, that's very cool for such a new site. In the beginning I didn't expect many more than just a few of us, it's already far exceeded my expectations and now I'm looking forward to where it goes from here. I hope that we can always maintain a small town neighborhood atmosphere as we grow, this is very important to me.

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    only reasson i was over at the other forum was for the kitchen subforum and now that its moved im good to go so im glad to see building fast and teaching users what to look for and how to use good knives and also a open place to help get knife makers on the same page as what makes a great kitchen knife

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    I'd actually like to see more ad driven stuff plastered all over the place. Some one sided propaganda here and there would do this place some good as well.
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    big brother is watching!

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    Today's stats >

    Threads 1,732

    Posts 27,519

    Members 743

    Makes me proud!

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    You should be, this place is growing at a nice rate, and not a whole lot of BS.

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Oh lord, you mean to tell me that my B.S. is 3% of this site?!

    I do like it here though. Can't wait for the inevitable Google traffic to pick up.

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    I dread the thought of Google traffic. There is such a nice group here now.
    Spike C
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