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Thread: I am an idiot in stitches

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    2 invaluable lessons : don't drink and drive, and don't drink and work with knives. You may spill your drink or screw up a perfectly good knife

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    Hopefully the link works. Although there are few stitches I did hit a nerve..right near the top where you see most blood. The tip of the knife did chip so whatever stupid mistake I made, I hit pretty hard.
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    Man those old Opal cars were really cool...My old man managed to flip over in a Ford Pinto and survive.

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    You chipped the knife on your hand?!

    That's a tough break man. Working is not going to be fun for you until that sucker heals up. Best of luck.

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    Wow! That looks pretty gnarly!
    Sometimes the kitchen Gods (or kitchen knife Gods) demand a blood sacrifice. ....
    Around here we also say that it means you truly own it (the knife) after it makes you bleed.
    Heal quick!
    If "Its" and "Buts" was candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas
    -Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon

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    Does anyone else see the irony in this thread and the OP's username?
    Good luck to a speedy recovery.

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    Yep. First thing I noticed but did not want to seem like a sicko. Also not lost on me that he also has a new knife that has a really nice edge but the KU finish scrubbed off with a greenie. Prob a coincidence....

    I need to get out more.
    Older and wider.

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    I have at least 5 large incidents that are now mostly healed (that I probably should have gone to the ER for, but last time it was 1 stitch, a lecture from the doctor for finishing prep then working through service before coming in, and four hours of my life wasted).

    I learned (again) to not polish my mandoline blade making sauerkraut a couple weeks ago.

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    I'm willing to bet there more mandoline injuries than knife injuries (per hour of use).

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    Definitely. I've cut myself worse and more often on a mandolin.

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