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Thread: Delbert Ealy 14 cm Wa-petty Mini-Review

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    Delbert Ealy 14 cm Wa-petty Mini-Review

    I've had this little jewel for a few days, and want to share my experiences with the forum.

    I bought the blade and handle from Del as a "kit", but hesitated to attempt a DYI install, so I had Dave do it. As usual, Dave's installation is flawless:

    Like his gyutos, Del's petty knives are thin, very thin. How thin? Here's a pic:

    As thin as it is, the blade exhibits no more flex than a similar sized thin petty like the Misono Swedish, Hattori FH or Kikuichi TK.

    One thing I've noted with both of my Ealy knives is that the blades needed to be thoroughly cleaned of the residue left by the etching process. I scrubbed the blades with a paper towel and camellia oil to get it all off. If you don't, it will come off when you cut food like onions or lemons and give the impression that the blade is highly reactive. Once the residue is removed, there is no issue with reactivity. So far, only a slight patina has formed on the blade.

    Performance, as you might expect, is excellent. The knife just glides through everything. The damascus pattern does cause some friction with foods, as any patterned damascus will, but it is not a issue for me.


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    Very nice Rick, and Del! But, who's this Dave guy everyone keeps bringing up???

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    I've been waiting to hear from someone on these knives. Thanks for taking the time to write a review Rick.

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