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Thread: TWIN J.A Henckels Profession " S" Questions

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    TWIN J.A Henckels Profession " S" Questions

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I figured I would come to a place where people know knives so I can rant about a few things and clear a few things up . First things first, I recently purchased the 6 piece TWIN J.A Henckels Professional "S" knife block set. I noticed on the box it shows a really cool Henckels logo stamped on the handle, but when I took it home and opened the box, there is no stamp or logo's on the handle. I know, not a HUGE deal, but why would the box show it having a stamp on the handle and there not actually being one? Has anyone else noticed this? . Secondly, I took out the knife block and it looked like it was ran through a china sweatshop and perhaps was dropped before putting it in the box, correct me if I'm wrong but on the box it says " made in Germany" I would expect the entire contents to be produced in Germany, turns out just the KNIVES are.. ***? The block has cracks in it and the box was not damaged at all, if you look in the knife holes there is wood sticking out and shards everywhere. Is this the type of quality this company is producing for a set that supposedly retails for 500? Obviously, I am not too happy with my purchase and I will probably be returning them to Sears. I knew I should have got the Wusthof Classic set, at least the knives AND the block are produced in Germany . Any advice and / or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Either take it back to Sears for an exchange or refund. If Sears gives you a problem, contact Zwilling as they are rumored to have exceptional customer service.
    Don't swap them out for the Wustoff block, IMHO the Hencks are a better knife.
    Don't hang out here too long or all of us will convince you to stay away from the German knives and spend your money on something else!

    BTW, Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome! Why not take it back to Sears for a refund, and then complete a questionnaire to let some helpful, extremely knowledgeable individuals (which doesn't include me) provide some suggestions as to how your money might much more satisfactorily be redeployed? I'm willing to bet that you'll be many times happier (even amazed) with a few knives you can buy instead of the Henckels. And, as most others will no doubt opine, a prepackaged knife set is almost never a great way to put together a set of knives that best serve your needs.

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    Where are you located? If you're in Canada, let me know.

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