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Thread: New member from SF Bay Area

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    New member from SF Bay Area

    Hey everybody,

    I'm a home cook, amateur bladesmith, and all-purpose knife knut.

    I'm new to J-knives as of this year and have acquired a 240mm Kagayaki CarboNext gyuto and a 240mm Moritaka Gyuto in Aogami #2. I also started sharpening on waterstones this year and I have a Bester 1200 and Arashiyama 6k. I've been sharpening freehand for about 2 years on wet/dry sandpaper and fancied I could produce a "sharp" I know better. Waterstones are a whole 'nother world of sharp!

    I'm mostly interested in learning skills and techniques...I don't need any more knives!...but something tells me I'll end up with a few more before I'm through...

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    Welcome Aboard!

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    Hey! Welcome!

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    Thanks guys! Already I've found lots of good information, and I look forward to picking your collective brains while contributing where I can.

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