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Thread: Anti- YouTube "Tool of the day" videos

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    Yeah that sushi guy is crazy! I could have used speed like that at the sushi bar. We'd never have to prep cucumbers in advance!

    That Jacques Pepin video is awesome.

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    I agree we don't need to link every single ittasan video, but this one stands out for me, probably because he usually focused on fish. Gives me a new appreciation for the petty:

    The next two are some unorthodox technique videos that I just think are cool. First is 'fake katsuramuki' (starts around 3:15), and the second is how to dice an onion without a cutting board (I remember seeing a better/more skillful version somewhere, but can't find it)

    And finally, even though there's not much knife technique, you can watch the whole series of Jacques' More Fast Food My Way on youtube:

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    Cool vids. Does anyone know a better site than this for learning techniques and knife skills, this site give you some basics for a home cook I find useful.

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    Here is a little bit of Gordon Ramsay with no bleeping bleeping going on!

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