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Thread: Microbevel and touch ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    Cabbage, really? Hmmm. It must be the density of the "fibers" or something. That surprises me.
    I'm just talking thru my rare-end here but maybe it's because cabbage has that enzyme (ie the one that can turn your blade black) and there's something going on chemically at the microscopic level? Ditto avocadoes and other stuff.

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    I find that usually its the meats and fruits that dull my edge the fastest.

    I can't really measure the angle but is like probably 10 degrees or so for the main bevel and ~12 for the micro.. I do see a very thin shinogi line if I look closely enough.

    I too use to not put a micro bevel on, but then my edge didn't last past a shift... Pissed me off haha..

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