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Thread: Gengetsu semistainless gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    Well, since were all waiting around for Gengetsu to be restocked, somebody needs to review a kochi in stainless cladding. It might be a fine alternative.
    What this guy said!

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    I'll be happy to do so. Someone send me one quick!

    Older and wider..

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    I really love my 270mm Gengetsu. It's a stainless clad White #2. I had originally planned to get the semi-stainless, but it ended up being out of stock and I got a good deal on the White #2.

    Does anyone have any first-hand comparisons between the two? I guess the geometry must be the same. I like the White steel, doesn't seem very reactive and quite easy to sharpen, but I do wonder if the semi-stainless would have better edge retention. Although I can sharpen my knives often, I find I end up letting the edges go a bit too long between touch-ups.

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